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We help you solve problems. We talk to your customers. We explore their stories and diagnose their pains. And then we build and ship software that works. We measure its use and craft experiments to make things better. See some examples below.


iOS, Web

We helped BurnThis build, test and iterate on their first Minimum Viable Product (MVP). After significant learning, we went on to build their iOS app and an API to back it. We continually leverage in-app data to grow their customer base and revenue as their feature set is expanded and refined.



We worked with WhoWentOut to build this mobile dating app, designing flexible sorting and matching algorithms for their smile game. Because business requirements change, we made sure the sorting algorithms were swappable and the game's rules could be mixed and matched without writing any extra code. We helped them interview and hire a CTO, successfully transitioning the project by providing onboarding and code-review.

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